Oxygen treatments are said to be the newest trend, invading the states with great popularity in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Even dating shows on television, such as “Xtreme Dating,” are featuring oxygen bars. Numerous casinos, including The Venetian and The Tropicana, have oxygen bars for thrill-seekers. The MGM Grand’s restaurant, Olio!, reports that about 78,000 customers a year visit their oxygen bar. The myths and rumors about pure oxygen treatments are well-circulated: it can clear the mind to study, increase endurance, boost energy and lessen the effects of hangovers.


The effects of alcohol are generally pleasant until they’re not anymore, at which point they become blindingly painful and, in some cases, quite dangerous. Whether or not a hard-partying type is struck by a crippling hangover or a sudden desire to text his or her ex is generally dependent on how that individual metabolizes and eliminates alcohol in his or her body. A new study suggests that we could quite easily engineer our tipple to help us break down alcohol faster, reducing that morning-after sensation of intense pain (or intense regret) by simply adding more oxygen to our booze.

You wake up with an incredible case of cotton mouth and you are very irritable. The sun seems extremely bright and every sound seems heightened to a very uncomfortable degree. Your stomach feels quite queasy and even the thought of food could push you over the line, so that whatever is in your stomach probably won’t be for long. You are shaky and limp. Your muscles seem powerless and you have a headache of mammoth proportions. You have a hangover!

The newest techniques for this self-inflicted condition involve using oxygen for hangovers. A very lucky 25% of the population will never get a hangover, despite every effort to thwart nature. For the rest of us, a hangover can be a grueling experience. A hangover happens when a person consumes more alcohol than the system can process. This causes stomach irritation, as it lingers in the bowels, and can cause vomiting and diarrhea, both of which leave the body very dehydrated.

Alcohol is broken down through the liver, and a main component of this process is oxygen. During a heavy night of drinking, oxygen in the blood is diverted toward the areas that need it, and can result in a lack of oxygen in the brain. This is hypoxia, and that’s the ‘lightheadedness’ you feel during a hangover. It can also lead to headaches, and may hamper the brain’s ability to function.

Oxygen for hangovers has resulted as a new method for treating these symptoms. Knowing this, more and more hangover sufferers are using oxygen for hangover relief to help overcome the worst symptoms. A greater flow of oxygen into the system can increase metabolism, and will help the liver process the alcohol more quickly. Oxygen helps to detoxify the bloodstream, and will work to relieve the headache, fatigue, and nausea caused by lack of oxygen.

Oxygen for hangover treatment used to be only available to those with access to the medical facilities of a hospital, or those who were authorized to have oxygen tanks. Now this hangover oxygen therapy is available to everyone via an Airheads oxygen bar. As a relief for hangovers when partying like a rock star, having oxygen on hand will make you feel better, give you more energy, increase mental clarity, and achieve better focus.