It is well known that oxygen plays a key role in every cellular process. It supports the immune system, destroys toxic substances, fuels metabolism, and promotes new cell growth. In 1926, in fact, Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg of Berlin announced that the cause of cancer was lack of oxygen at the cellular level.

Proponents of oxygen therapy (also called hyperoxygenation, super-oxygenation, or oxidative therapy) contend that increased oxidation in the body can neutralise toxic substances and kill invading microorganisms. They thus advocate oxygen therapy for everything from infections to circulatory problems.

Poor circulation can cause serious problems. Your body won’t be able to heal a wound because there aren’t enough nutrients and oxygen reaching the various cells in all the areas of the body. If you don’t have enough of the right gases flowing your blood vessels, any plaque in your veins will have more of an opportunity to causes blockages. When this happens, it can lead to immobility and even the loss of limbs if it’s not treated quickly and properly.

When you can get enough oxygen to your cells, and the cells can release their CO2 and move it out through the bloodstream, your extremities, as well as the rest of your body, will get back to their regular functions. You will be able to see that you are much more energetic and you can think clearly, due to the increased oxygen flow to your brain. With that energy and increased supply of oxygen to your muscles, you will be able to get more physical activity, which is also necessary for continued blood circulation throughout the body.

Oxygen & Circulatory Problems