Airheads can offer any trade show management company, or expo production company a unique money making opportunity. As you probably know, there is big money in selling trade show sponsorship to your exhibitors who have secured their booth space at your show. Many of these trade show sponsorships just offer your clients signage or ‘branding’ to help make people at the show aware of their presence. Other sponsorships may include a trade show item or premium that the trade show visitors may take home with them and perhaps discard soon after. This form of advertising has been used with great success in the past, but today there are many more effective trade show sponsorship vehicles, many more interactive than placing a corporate logo on an expo lanyard.

Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bars offer an ‘experience’ which trade show visitors will take home with them. Show goers will have their photos and video taken at the branded oxygen bar with smart phones, and post them on social media sites essentially broadcasting your sponsor’s logo and or corporate message to their business colleagues and associates – all of which will be seen and talked about later. They will boast, “I tried the (insert the company name here) oxygen bar at their trade show booth last week, it was AMAZING! Check out these photos I took…” To have a company recognized and remembered post-trade show should be the second most important objective of every exhibitor. The primary objective is to create a buzz and build traffic within a trade show booth and attract trade show goers to a booth who would not normally stop by.

Airheads oxygen bars will give you, or your client, the perfect traffic building “People Magnet” to offer within their booth, or in a separate relaxation or concession area where show-goers will congregate. When someone is ‘hooked up’ to our oxygen and aromatherapy bar, they are a captive audience for a sales person to approach and for either him or her to share their ‘infinite wisdom’ with. Not only is our O2 Bar the perfect location to talk about sales and develop existing business relationships, it’s a great area to hand out free samples and or other promotional sales paraphernalia.

How do I make money you ask?

Example: Our turn-key services rendered for a 3 day trade show with our “Dream Machine 3 panel modular bar package WITH TOTAL FULL COLOR BAR BRANDING would be $6500.00 in any city within the continental U.S. That would give you 5 total areas on the bar itself that you can sell as a whole, or break up into separate entities – all of which can display a back-lit corporate logo and/or message. Our past trade show managers have offered the same above-mentioned package to their show clientele for anywhere between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00 dollars! We have participated in numerous trade shows which have included multiple oxygen bar packages, so as you can see, this offer is a win/win for both the show management and exhibitor – BOTH are smiling! You’re smiling because you made a home run selling the sponsorship(s), and the sponsor is ecstatic because of their tremendous exposure and long lines at THEIR oxygen bar. (BTW – We offer a multiple-bar discount of 10% for each additional oxygen bar package ordered!)

The above-mentioned is just an example of how a trade show manager could make money with one of our oxygen bar packages. Airheads oxygen bars can offer any trade show manager (or their client) TWO basic oxygen bar packages to choose from, but we can also customize a package for almost every budget!