• FACT: The average trade show in the U.S. has 534 exhibiting companies.
  • FACT: Studies show the average attendee will only spend 9.5 hours on the expo floor visiting approximately 30 exhibitors.
  • FACT: Share of trade show visitors planning to buy exhibited products or services in the U.S. is 49%
  • FACT: Share of trade show audience with whom meaningful engagement was achieved in the U.S. is 48%
  • FACT: Share of trade show audience who remembered visiting a company’s trade show exhibit in the U.S. after they return to their workplace is less than 30%!
Trade Show Oxygen Bar

So now that you have been successful in luring the show-goers from the floor to your booth, and engaging them with an Airheads oxygen bar, what is going to help your potential clients remember your company when they return to their perspective homes and offices? You know they will remember the oxygen bar because they have taken photo remembrances, but if you didn’t brand the bar, will they remember the name of your company weeks later?

“Junky” giveaways, business cards and brochures will inevitably find their way to the trash can, but an unusual, useful & clever trade show premium will always be kept! Any useful and clever branded premium or giveaway will be a constant reminder of your company, your product and or your service. Airheads offers trade show ideas and “theme” oriented products which can be branded, which are useful & clever, which will not be discarded after the trade show has ended, and which will leave your perspective client with a constant reminder of your company product and or services.

Providing that you give us at least 45 days of lead time, Airheads can provide you with that useful & clever reminder. We can private label any AERO2BIC MIST aroma mister. These 2 ounce PET clear spray bottles will refresh your trade show booth visitors with a shot of oxygen enriched liquid with the perfect balance of aroma for that wake-up call that we all need after walking the show floor, or after a hard day at work.

Perhaps you’d rather have a total captive audience and have your booth visitors breathing oxygen and getting a massage simultaneously. They could be massaged inexpensively by one of our oxy-bartender/technicians with a hand held and private labeled Lucite massage tool. These massage tools also make a great premium for your booth visitors who WILL retain them long after the show has ended. Keep in mind that this will serve a dual purpose as they will have that reminder of your company on a branded useful & clever item.

There is one other option that Airheads offers. If you are looking to give your Trade Show attendees the “Full Treatment”, click on the Airheads oxygen massage bar for more information. Airheads will customize a premium program to meet your company budget and exceed your trade show goals.