Now that you are about to plan your own party, why not start it off with a blast… An OXYGEN BLAST! There is nothing in the entertainment industry that will get more attention and more people talking than an Airheads oxygen bar. People today are not content ‘Trying to keep up with the Joneses.’ Nowadays nobody settles for mediocrity. Everyone is trying to out do and or out perform their peers and their competition. Weddings are now choreographed productions. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are weekend events. For years parties have been planned in the same old ‘cookie cutter’ format featuring DJ’s, dancers, lights, props, decorations, and beverage bars. For a more upscale party, maybe you have booked live bands, tattoo artists, magicians, or even artists? Now you can break the mold and be on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry by offering an Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bar to your clients..

There is no better way to occupy children and teenagers at an affair than to have them CAPTIVATED and doing something healthy, rather than running amok and annoying the other guests. Our bars are the perfect location for friends, relatives and coworkers to gather and socialize whether they drink adult beverages or not. Oxygen actually helps people who have had a bit too much to drink. Many people say that it energizes them and helps clear the cob webs out, helping them to think more clearly.

Our award winning designs are perfect for young and old alike and everyone has fun with it! Our trained staff will treat your guests like royalty while creating just the right amount of excitement and mystique which will make your affair one to remember. Click here to see pricing.

Party planners all agree, our bars are the ‘cherry on top of the ice cream sundae,’ adding that unique something extra which people will remember long after the party is over. Party planners all over the United States and Canada are renting or purchasing Airheads oxygen bars for weddings, quinceañeras, graduations, sweet sixteens, birthdays, retirement, anniversary and holiday parties. Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bars will always be… ‘The Hit of the Party!’ Click here to see why you should rent from Airheads!