Many oxygen bar rental companies have come and gone throughout the years. Why is Airheads thriving since 1998? Some of our clients say it’s because of the quality of the equipment. Others say it’s because of our award winning designs. We say it’s because we give our clients a fair price with unmatched service in the industry. Our equipment speaks for itself and so does our staff.

Our trained professional oxy-bartender road crews service all of the United States and major Canadian and Mexican markets. Airheads has partners all over the world which makes coverage of overseas events a reality. Our sales team will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs and customize a program to fit your budget. Here are the reasons why you should choose Airheads for your next event:

Since our inception in 1998, Airheads has never had an insurance claim or incident! You can rest assured knowing that we carry a $1 million / $2 million liability policy and offer additional insured certificates as needed. Many independent and fly-by-night competitors do NOT have proper insurance, and some don’t have any insurance at all!

Our handsome and articulate oxy-bartender/technicians are seasoned employees of our company, NOT “newbie” and unknown entities found on “Craig’s List” which is where our competitors have been known to find “bodies” to place in front of their equipment as its ‘attendants.’

The Airheads oxygen bar packages will service up to 12 people simultaneously, and will cost you less to rent than the four station systems that our competitors offer. Our Oxygen bars light up and have tremendous “eye appeal” AKA “WOW factor.” The Airheads oxygen concentrators (AOCS’s) are the quietest and most powerful oxygen generating systems used in oxygen bars today. Our AOCS’s out-perform our competitors by putting out 33% more flow and up to 96% Oxygen!

The Oxygen and Aromatherapy is delivered by sterile nasal cannulas (nose hoses) which come in 6 different colors which will fit any event color scheme. Other rental companies have been known to reuse used nose hoses during an event.

Each of our Aromarizers hold 6 separate bottles that can serve multiple patrons simultaneously. Other rental companies can only service one person at a time from their four bottle system. With the equipment controls in the hands of the bar operator, he or she can control the “power of the flow” to the patron, thus customizing the oxygen and aromatherapy experience for the individual. There are no individual flow controls on any of our competitor’s defusers.

Airheads uses real, all-natural and therapeutic essential oil aromas. Other oxygen bar rental companies are forced to use only “food-grade” aromas (which are inferior to essential oils) which have no therapeutic value what-so-ever.

Our bottles are frosted and more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to keep clean leaving no aroma residue. The frosting absorbs the colors giving the bottles a beutiful glow. Our competitors can only use “food-grade” aromas in their generic clear plastic bottles. They cannot use real essential oils in their systems because oil will interact with their inferior plastic components.

As you know, planning your event could be very stressful. You need to hand the ball off to an expert in the business who has a proven track record and success in the event industry since 1998. Having Airheads oxygen bars at your event enables you to customize and/or brand the equipment for your business or events.

We really don’t have to brag because our clients, the press, the equipment, our staff, and our impeccable reputation do the talking for us. Quietly, since the beginning of the new millennium, Airheads has led the industry in innovation, integrity, class, and pricing.

Don’t get scammed! It seems everyone is jumping on the oxygen band wagon these days. There are many claims being made by companies advertising over the Internet. Every “weekend warrior” who owns an oxygen bar to supplement their income while they work a full time job during the week claims to be “in the business.” Be careful and don’t get fooled! Airheads has been manufacturing, selling, and renting our oxygen bars, and O2 bar equipment since 1998. We are indeed THE specialists in our field!

Sadly, it has come to our attention that there are unscrupulous “competitors” in our industry. In order for these mom and pop companies to remain competitive, they try to discredit their competition. It’s unfortunate, but it is our obligation to bring these practices to your attention so these “bad apples” cannot deceive you. We hope you are able to recognize these bad practices and make an educated and proper choice for your oxygen bar rental needs. We trust you’ll find Airheads Inc. to be your oxygen bar rental company of choice! If you wish to do business with a down to earth company who puts more “flash” into their equipment than into their website, an oxygen bar company that actually cares about quality control and the way they treat their customers, stop right here and look no further… Airheads has had the pleasure to work with thousands of individuals, companies, and educational institutions. We have serviced every geographical locale from Maui to Miami and from Montreal to Mexico. Do your due diligence. Who would YOU trust with your special event? We are sure you’ll come to the obvious conclusion:
Airheads oxygen bars are the #1 choice in the oxygen bar rental business! Trust Airheads to make your next event one that EVERYONE will remember!

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