Airheads Inc. is in the business of manufacturing and renting oxygen bars – that’s all we have done since 1998! Our specialty is last minute rentals. Our reputation, personnel, cutting edge designs, and state of the art equipment has earned us many awards in the events industry.

Renting an oxygen bar is an expense you should not undertake with “fly by night” oxygen bar rental companies who do not carry liability insurance or offer their services at an unrealistic rate, i.e. claiming to beat any price. Keep in mind that you always get what you pay for when using an oxygen bar rental service. Your event is too important to put into anyone else’s hands.

No other Oxygen Bar rental company can offer their clients an oxygen bar rental service with true therapeutic aromatherapy from organic essential aromas, nor can they service up to 12 PEOPLE FROM ONE BAR PACKAGE!

Airheads Inc. accepts all major credit cards, bank wires, checks and PayPal payments!

Airheads Inc. can offer you TWO different stock packages to choose from for your event. We are the ONLY legitimate oxygen bar manufacturer and rental company that can service more than 4 people from the same bar. We are always “The HIT of the Event!”

You may view a small list of our previous satisfied clientele (contacts upon request) by clicking here. We pride ourselves in the fact that since we opened our doors back in 1998, we have an unblemished record in that we have never had a liability claim against us on our insurance policies!

Each one of our turnkey oxygen bar rental packages will include:

  • Set up 1.5 hours prior to the start of the event, and immediate strike at its conclusion.
  • Unlimited Oxygen Bar sessions and nasal cannulas for the duration of your event.
  • One oxy-bartender/technician to set up, break-down, and “man” the equipment.
  • 12 all-natural organic and therapeutic aromas consisting of Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cinnamon, Gardenia, Orange, Lemongrass, Cherry, Wintergreen, Almond, and Vanilla.
  • 2 ‘WOW FACTOR’ back-lit Aromarizers that light up the bottles in different colors.
  • Unlimited sterile nasal cannulas (nose hoses) which come in five fun colors.
  • 1,000,000 / 2,000,000 liability insurance (additional insured certificate optional.)

*Our package pricing will INCLUDE shipping, travel, hotel, and per diem, but our pricing DOES NOT INCLUDE electrical service costs: 110V 10 amp service, drayage if applicable, nor does it include bar stools (which is YOUR option to provide.)

Oxygen Bar Rental Package #1:

Our state of the art “Dream Machine” 3 panel oxygen bar package is a back-lighted bar/equipment package which is capable of servicing up to 12 people simultaneously.

It has an approximate footprint of 7 feet long by 3.5 feet wide by 42″ high (almost 5 feet total in height with our two Aromarizer units placed on the bar-top.)

The perfect space needed for us to operate comfortably would be a 9 foot by 6 foot area. This bar can be branded in full color for an additional cost. (See branding options below.)

Oxygen Bar Rental Package #2:

Our “Budget” oxygen bar package, also known as the Aromarizers only package, is also back-lighted and is capable of servicing up to 12 people simultaneously.

If you choose this package, you must furnish us with a counter-top, table-top, or bar top of at least 5 foot in length to place our equipment on.

This is a great package to rent if you are on a budget and you don’t want to sacrifice quality and servicing capability.

Branding of your Oxygen Bar Rental Package:

Branding or customization of the bar is an option that we offer for both of our above-mentioned packages.

You may want to consider placing a special text message, graphic, or logo on the bar equipment package and have them back-lighted!

FULL COLOR artwork for branding can be submitted in a high resolution .AI or .PDF digital file.

ALL digital files need to be sent to us no later than THREE weeks prior to the event. Our branding and customization packages are as follows:

Branding Package #1 (All 5 Panels):

Our 5 panel oxygen bar branding package is produced in full color on all of the modular bar white panels.

All 3 bar panels and both of the Aromarizers (which sit on top of the bar itself) get branded.

This package is offered for $995 in addition to your rental cost.

Branding Package #2 (3 Panels):

Our 3 panel oxygen bar branding package is produced in full color on the center bar panel only.

We also brand both of the Aromarizers which sit on top of the bar..

This package is offered for $595 in addition to your rental cost.

Branding Package #3 (2 Panels):

Our 2 panel oxygen bar branding package is produced in full color on just the two Aromarizers which sit on top of the bar.

This package is usually associated with our “Budget Package” but it can also be ordered with the 3 panel modular “Dream Machine” bar as well.

This package is offered for $295 in addition to your rental cost.

3 Panel Modular Dream Machine Oxygen Bar
Budget Oxygen Bar Renta
Branded "Dream Machine" Oxygen Bar
5 Panel Branding
2 Panel Branding
2 Panel Branding

Additional Event Services:

You may opt to have additional event services added on to your Airheads Oxygen Bar package.  These services are as follows:

  • You may opt to offer chair massage. Our trained and licensed massage therapists bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies for a turnkey massage experience. They will set up near the oxygen bar so the person getting the massage can be hooked up to any of the 12 aromas that we offer while they get their massage. Massage and oxygen bar session duration averages 10 minutes each, but sessions can be adjusted accordingly as stipulated by our contractor’s preference. Airheads bills $100 per hour, per massage therapist which includes tips. Four or more massage therapists working simultaneously will require one queue manager billed at $50 per hour. When you click the “get a quote button” below, please let us know how many massage therapists you will be needing for your event in the additional information section before you submit your quote request form via email.
  • You may also wish to have Airheads obtain Lucite massage tools for you. These are great giveaways that can be imprinted with your company logo or message in one color. Click here to read more about these items.
  • Many event managers rent recharging stations or charging kiosks as a service to help keep their event goers mobile devices charged. This service is completely free for our select clients who book their event and give us at least a 50% deposit within a week of receiving their initial email quote from us.
  • Although all of Airheads Oxygen Bar equipment packages for events are capable of servicing up to 12 people simultaneously, event logistics may dictate that these packages be split up into different areas. Some events will require more equipment because there are loads of people to service in a short amount of time. These are all things to consider as every event is unique in it’s own way. If you feel that you may need a customized package, or need additional oxygen bar packages due to the size and nature of your event, please check the box “Multiple Oxygen Bar Packages” on the quote request form, give us all the details, and we’ll make your event an EPIC one!