Companies battle on the trade show floor for potential customers and many deals are made and there. Competition is fierce as thousands of companies set up booths at trade shows every year. Research has shown most trade show attendees only spend an average of 6-8 hours on the show floor. At many shows this represents only a small fraction of the total time they spend at the conference. During the 6-8 hours the audience will visit an average of 16-25 exhibits. A visit is defined as entering the booth and spending at least 5 or more minutes with the company.

Out of the total booth visits, 75% are planned prior to the show. This means that attendees are placing most of the visits on their ‘must-see’ agenda before they arrive at the show. Only 25% of visits are arbitrary choices at the show. This means that companies who do not contact prospects before the show need a means of attracting these new potential clients and increasing their target audience.

Trade show management looking for show sponsors, marketing departments of large corporations, as well as small businesses, search for the “Holy Grail” and the next new idea that will make their trade show booth stand out and give them the edge to be ‘one up’ on their competitor for their potential customer’s attention or business. Our 3 panel modular “Dream Machine” Oxygen Bar can be branded and customized with YOUR message, a sponsor’s message, or any color graphic.

When our oxygen bar is set up in your company’s booth, the equipment lights up like a Christmas tree and acts as a “people magnet.” Show attendees just can’t stop themselves from approaching your booth and asking questions. Once within ear-shot, our trained and personable staff will suck them in and “hook them up” so you have the complete and undivided attention of the perspective clients. Imagine having a captive audience for your sales presentation?

Since 1998 our results have been an overwhelming success! Lines form to such lengths that our client’s booths are sometimes barely visible! On an average, foot traffic increases 300% and new business generated from these trade shows has increased 67% for our clients — just by having us in their booth! Some of our previous clients have had thousands of people sitting down to breathe our oxygen with aromatherapy during the course of their event! Not only is it a practical business tool, but it’s fun to use and does your body good too!

*Money back guarantee if we do not increase your booth traffic by 200%!

Airheads now offers many other services, which in conjunction with the oxygen bar will give your company the “one-two punch” that will knock out all of your competition on the trade show floor! If your company needs powerful marketing tools to promote their products or services at a trade show, there are no better draws than an oxygen bar in conjunction with a massage from one of Airheads skilled hands-on technicians. Visitors to your booth will be more receptive to your sales presentation with a totally relaxed mind, body and soul.