In order for one organism to live, another must die.” Live organisms survive by consuming other live organisms. Consequently, it can be observed that the more LIFE there is in a food, the more nutritional benefit it contains when consumed.

Is it surprising that the vast majority of Americans, who are heavy meat eaters, die of heart disease and cancer and suffer from arthritis, gout, sinus infections, constipation, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, to name a few? Fortunately, every cell in your body completely replaces itself every 2 years. 98% in less than 1 year. Cells require varying lengths of time to regenerate, for example:

Brain (1 Year)
Blood (4 Months)
Skeleton (3 Months)
DNA (2 Months)
Liver (6 Weeks)
Skin (4 Weeks)
Stomach Lining (5 Days)
Taste Buds (6 Days)

Oxygen for the Immune System

In addition to this constant rebuilding reprocess, the body has a built-in, natural defense against disease capable of preventing illness or fighting off illness. This defensive system is called the Immune System. The Immune System is composed of the various organs of the body which cleanse and rid the body of toxic or harmful substances.

The human body contains about 75 TRILLION CELLS. The blood contains a small corps of toxin fighters called “lymphocytes” or white blood cells. These comprise only about one percent of the total body mass. These little lymphocytes “eat” anything the body considers to be toxic, including cancer cells. They kill cancer cells by producing hydrogen peroxide, a form of Oxygen.

Cancer cells are mutant cells. Medical physiology textbooks state that “all cancers are caused by a failure of the immune system to destroy mutant cells”. Obviously, the workable solution for cancer is to strengthen the immune system of the body!

Oxygen for the Immune System

It is easily demonstrated that the human body is essentially a living Carbon/Oxygen engine which runs on low-temperature combustion CARBON fuel, somewhat like any other internal-combustion engine. Like an automobile engine, a body takes in fuel, burns the fuel and expels the unburned part of the fuel as waste.

OXYGEN is required to be combined with the CARBON fuel in order for the fuel to burn. If too little oxygen is mixed with the fuel, the fuel will not burn completely. If too little oxygen is mixed with the fuel, the fuel will not burn completely. Either way, the result is less energy and more waste from unburned fuel — higher exhaust emissions and lower engine performance.

If you don’t have the right oxygen to fuel ratio your car will not run efficiently. Using the correct oxygen and fuel mixture for your engine will make your automobile engine and your body “engine” run more efficiently.

The unburned waste material from the engine is expelled out the exhaust system through the exhaust pipe. If the waste is not expelled, it backs up into the engine, clogs everything up and the engine “dies.”

The principal organs of the body’s “exhaust system” includes the lungs, skin, blood, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, colon, lymph glands and bladder. If the body is overwhelmed by low quality fuel or unexpelled “exhaust” from the wrong kind of fuel, the body’s engine also dies.

Just like a car engine which has been using the wrong fuel, a human body which has not been getting enough oxygen for a period of time does not run right and begins to “die”. Death of the body begins when the white lymphocytes or white blood cells of the body can not get rid of the toxic waste materials left behind from the use of dead fuel. When too many cells die, the whole body dies.

Fortunately, the body has the ability to replace every single cell with a brand new copy of itself every year or so. Due to the continuous cell renewal effort of the body, we can recover from disease and improve the quality of the body – provided we are using the correct fuel mixture and not adding too many toxic substances into the environment of the living cells. You can prevent illness from bacteria and degenerative diseases and rid yourself of illness simply by changing the kind of fuel you use with an enriched Oxygen environment.